Message from the President

Since founded in 2008, Net One Partners has specialized in partner business and has provided highly added value, from support and introduction of advanced ICT products and services to maintenance and operation services.

As a member of the Net One Group with 30 years’ experience in the Japanese market, we offer world-leading multi-vendor products, original technology verification capabilities and know-how of ICT utilization through work style reform. Furthermore, we support our partner companies to add their own solutions and offer them to end users.

Now, major environmental changes and transformation are occurring with the evolution of ICT. Due to digitalization with utilizing the cloud, AI and Internet of Things ("IoT"), completely new markets and business opportunities are created.

In this trend, in order to demonstrate the maximum effect with all our partner companies, we enjoy this trend from the bottom of our heart and must provide a new added value with a sense of speed recognized by everyone.

With this feeling in mind, we deliver the cutting-edge ICT products and services as quickly as possible to enrich Japan as a unique high-value distributor, with partner companies, to transform the structure of society.

Please look forward to the evolution of Net One Partners.

President, CEO
Takuya Tanaka